People-Who-Make-Paper-Cranes-and-Call-It-A-Thing? I salute you! Last night after I got done working out at the gym, picking up Zig's car from the mechanic, and running 2 loads of laundry (I swear, folding and putting away clothes should count as a Thing...), I was so exhausted that I could barely function.

But since it was Zig's first Dinner off in a long while, I made him sushi... So I'm calling that my Thing.

We had ginger chicken and spicy tuna rolls with avocado, red pepper, and green onion. (I had intended to put in cucumber too, but my cucumber went south prematurely...)

I also got some knitting on my Dad's cardigan done, and finished a single that will be plied into more 3 ply chocolate yarn for Dad's sweater - which is eating through yarn at an alarming rate. This may end up being the 3 pound sweater of DOOM. Once this Thing-A-Day challenge is done, I'll show you pictures of all the sweaters I have in progress that were abandoned because I couldn't get them finished in a day. :P


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