My Thing for yesterday was a linen coif to go with my cute Viking outfit. This also counts as item 1 in my A&S 50 project list.

The coif is linen, hand sewn with linen thread and then decorated (after this picture) with red linen embroidery floss.

Here is HRH Stephen's Cote, which I finished as my Thing on Saturday:

And a detail of all the buttons running down the sleeve.

I'm particularly proud of all my little hand-made cloth buttons and hand-stitched button holes.

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Totally unrelated - do you guys still want to come see Ian's show Friday? And is the lovely Ms E coming, too?

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Beautiful buttons! I've been planning my next garb, and I want to use cloth buttons.

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Dang girl You totally rocked it on both accounts.
Awesome job.


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