My thing for last night was a case for all my lower gauge DPN's.

The outside of the case is hand-woven wool made with commercial warp and hand-spun weft. It is sewn together with natural colored linen twine and held closed with a button.

Inside the outer case, there is a muslin liner with a secondary closure that is held shut by friction. This liner keeps the tiny-ass needles from going THROUGH the wool and the secondary closure keeps the needles from escaping out the corners of the top closure.

The bag lining is just plain muslin hand-stitched with cotton thread.

But now I have a nice needle case to keep all my knitting needles tidy... They *were* in a zip-lock baggie that just wasn't doing it for me aesthetically. Now I can pull them out of my work basket without being embarrassed.

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Also, it is stab-able with needles when in a hurry, unlike a ziplock baggie. :)

On a different note, could you please put at least SOME of those giant-ass pics behind a cut? I mean one or two, sure, but 4 is ..friggin' huge. :/

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needle case

That is very lovely!


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