For my thing yesterday, I taught myself how to navajo-ply a single into a three ply worsted weight yarn...

I'm not sure I'll use this method all that often, as I'm not sure I like the little knobs created by the joins:

Nonetheless, it's a useful skill to have in my string-handling arsenal, as it allows a girl to make a three-ply yarn off of only one spool... It requires half the spools that a normal 3 ply yarn would require... Here is my end result:

I had a devil of a time with my first skein of this type - my wheel was making the most horrendous screeching noises and jolting, which was creating tangles and slubs all over the place. I eventually gave up and took my wheel apart, and covered every metal piece in it (and myself) with a good portion of cooking oil. Re-assembled, it ran much more smoothly and what had been a slow, maddening, messy process became smooth like butter.

So, the lesson in this and the loom incident is that I need to remember to maintain my equipment better... Just because it's made of wood and metal doesn't mean that it doesn't need attention every now and again...

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I find that navajo plying is most useful when you're trying to either use absolutely all of your singles or when you want to keep color stripes from the singles together in the plied yarn. I don't use it a lot in other circumstances, though.


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