Well, I certainly didn't accomplish much yesterday. I did finish de-looming and washing my pretty gold/black twill, but that's about all I managed. I blame this neck pain that's been plaguing me since the weekend.

It appears to have survived the delicate cycle in the washing machine OK, though the black parts have gotten much less crisp than they were previously. I think it still looks pretty good, though.

I ended up with about 6 yards of gold and one yard of white. The white is destined to be a bag for my colleague's kid Ty, who raised the sheep that produced the white wool in the fabric. I think it'll be neat for him to have a bag that was made from his own sheep's wool:

I just need to buy/make some wide strapping to go around the edges of the bag and form the handle. (I have the ridiculous urge to tablet weave the band for this bag, even though I KNOW he's a farm kid who won't necessarily CARE if I buy nylon webbing from Joann Fabric instead...)

I need to do some tablet weaving for other projects anyway... Maybe that'll get it out of my system.

I got in an order of something like 8 LBS of pale green and blue wool yarn for more weaving.

If it weren't for the fact that it was INSANELY CHEAP, I'd be somewhat concerned about the fact that the yarn I ordered isn't really the same color it appeared to be on the web-site. The green is much less yellow that it appeared when I ordered it. Clearly these colors do not go together, so I'm trying to decide what to do with them. I could order MORE INSANELY CHEAP wool yarn from the same sale, which will continue until the 25th, OR, I could get some INSANELY CHEAP ROVING in a nice medium gray to spin up as weft. I'm really quite tempted to do both, only I may literally run out of room for string-storage. Plus Siegfried might choke me. Opinions, anyone?

I see yard-goods as gifts for my SCA friends come Christmas Time... Hooray for string! (I need to make myself a string related icon, since that's all I seem to talk about lately...)

From: [identity profile] feeferj.livejournal.com

It isn't like you won't USE the stuff, so... buy it all? LOL. If you have to clear space, that ensures that you are actually USING it. My logic is infallible and PWNS the man brain. And why is choking a bad thing? I rather enjoy it during sex...

TMI? Eh, you know what I mean. Ha ha ha ha. And do let me know when you get the books so I can leave feedback, k? =)

From: [identity profile] itsume.livejournal.com

That is so amazing!
I'm totally impressed.
Yea, go ahead and buy what you want, Siegfried didn't gift you the loom without expecting to have string in the house.

From: [identity profile] without-within.livejournal.com

Wow. You *made* that??

Are you magic? That's amazing :)

From: [identity profile] othelianna.livejournal.com

Beautiful! I wants a loom, now!

I just got an old spinning wheel to play with, except it's a bit broken. Just needs a bit of glue and a few clamps, but hey, it was free.

...yeah, I have no idea how to use a spinning wheel...

From: [identity profile] mightyjesse.livejournal.com

Watch out! Spinning is addictive! Especially if you enjoy watching TV... it's the PERFECT excuse for sitting in front of the tube for HOURS at a time...

I can also marginally categorize it as "exercise" being as the constant treadling motion may actually burn a calorie or two over the course of an 8-hour string-making bender...

From: [identity profile] teffan.livejournal.com

If it causes muscle cramps or sore-next-day muscles, it qualifies as exercise in my book :)

From: (Anonymous)

Pretty! Yay, fiber porn! :-)

From: [identity profile] dread-ex.livejournal.com

Wow. That is so cool. I wantz a loom.
Let me check my stash I may have roving in that color or wool that needs carding. I was given 3 garbage bags of roving and/or wool to be made into roving last fall.

From: [identity profile] mightyjesse.livejournal.com

I have a 24" Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom with a 10 dent reed that is currently languishing in a closet because my floor loom is so much sexier. If you want a loom to try out, I would be delighted if you would put this loom to work.

Please let me know if you want to borrow this for a bit and I'll bring it to the next event that we're both attending. (I was going to loan it to Eithni, but then came up with a better plan of having "Arts and Crafts Day with Keg" wherein we will be building her a period appropriate warp weighted loom to take up EVEN MORE SPACE at her house.)

From: [identity profile] mightyjesse.livejournal.com

So, you are the Costuming Laurel... If I were making 24"-36" wide yard-goods for my friends as Yule prezzies, how much length do you feel would be the most useful for making A Piece Of Garb, without too much left over? 3 yards? 5?


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