Well, I certainly didn't accomplish much yesterday. I did finish de-looming and washing my pretty gold/black twill, but that's about all I managed. I blame this neck pain that's been plaguing me since the weekend.

But since complaining about pain and lack of productivity is un-productive, I will instead share pictures of my drying fabric: )

I see yard-goods as gifts for my SCA friends come Christmas Time... Hooray for string! (I need to make myself a string related icon, since that's all I seem to talk about lately...)
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( Sep. 19th, 2008 04:25 pm)
Yaaaar maties! Tonight be a good night for going out to the resort for a Friday Fish Fry. This afternoon, me old mate Alec will be making port after an extended tour of the Virginias, so he'll be along for the ride. Siegfried will also be in attendance as he doesn't have to work this eve.

If you hadn't noticed, it's talk like a pirate day. Sadly, my ability to maintain pirate speak is limited.

I keep thinking that my weaving *should* be getting done faster, for all that I seem to be using up string at an incredible rate. At Social Practice on Wednesday night, someone reminded me of the medieval statistic that reported that 7 spinners were required to supply one weaver. I'm finding from experience that the proportion is about right. If I get home from work at 5:00 and spin and ply until midnight, I have made one spool of yarn. I can then weave up all of that yarn in about an hour.

It's ridiculous. I have a feeling that I won't be spinning the yarn for *every* project. Just the "special" ones. I guess maybe I need to make a rule that the yarn for a project must be spun BEFORE the loom is warped. Then I won't be so frustrated when I run out of string after only an hour of weaving.

On an entirely different note, I NEED to stop looking up various weaving techniques on the intarwebs. I was just watching how persian rugs are hand-knotted on youtube, and now I want to attempt a persian rug. It's INSANELY time intensive... but... but... I've um... Already worked out a pattern for a small rug that I'd really like to try. I'd just need to get Gunther to build me a tapestry loom frame. I found plans for such a thing on the intarwebs too. But where would I put it? My studio is already ludicrously cramped.

I think I'm going to have to hold off on getting that loom put together for a minimum of a year. After that, if I still want it, I'll go ahead and buy the lumber for it. Zig is going to shoot me.


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