I didn't even bother to post my Thing-a-Day for Friday, because you've already seen pictures of the similar Thing I did earlier in the Month. I made 2 more skeins of 3 ply chocolate brown yarn for Dad's Future Sweater.

My Thing for yesterday was to finish up the hemming and the facing tacking on HRH Stephen's cotehardie. I have pictures in my phone, but as usual, you won't be able to see them until Monday. The cote was constructed of brown and white wool, broken herringbone twill, and lined with brown linen. The buttons on the sleeves were all hand made (as seen here) and all the button holes were finished by hand as well. The long seams were constructed using a sewing machine, but all the "fussy bits" were sewn by hand. In all I think I worked on the cote off and on for about two weeks. (More off than on, really.) Now that we have established a working pattern, copies can be made and sent out for construction by the ladies of the house, so that Stephen will have more than one outfit.

Elizabeth will make the blue brocade one.
Abbey will make the Red brocade one.
I will make the Black brocade one (coronation.)

The time of button making is near... I'll send out swatches soon.


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