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( Feb. 11th, 2009 09:54 am)
Ehehehehehehe! IT'S ALIVE!!!!

My thing yesterday was the COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER MADE. It's a little green teddy bear, made from the wool left over from my viking under-dress. She is, predictably, hand stitched and stuffed with wool from my friend Lisa's sheep, Rudy and Peaches. Those things are cool, but they're not the coolest part.

The bear... She talks... I got a custom voice box from a doll making company and did a recording of my voice. So when you squeeze her she says, "WOULD YOU STOP TOUCHING ME?!" in the most exasperated tone I could manage.

I will admit now that I giggled maniacly the entire time I was putting her together, because the process of attaching her arms and legs jostled the talky button quite a few times, and she complained her way through the entire "ordeal."

Sorry, there aren't any pictures of her all in one piece yet, but I decided to stay home from work today because my annoying cough kept me awake all night last night... So you can have pictures of the finished bear tomorrow.

This morning, I managed to take her by the UPS Store and get her mailed to the friend for whom she was made... It's hard coming up with Valentine's Day presents for male friends that are JUST FRIENDS, but I think she'll do quite nicely... I can already hear Steve snickering as he uses his new toy to torment his relatives, friends, and random small children.


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