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( Jan. 30th, 2009 01:14 pm)
For those of you who like to keep score (or use the flower-posts as a reminder to be good to your own S.O.), Zig is still sweetest ever. Here is photographic proof:

In other news, I finished the side seams on the left side of my new tunic last night and should be on schedule for finishing the seams on the right side of the tunic tonight before the event... AFTER I spend a couple minutes finding all the "sleep-over" niceties that I should get together for Ms. Teffan who will be crashing in our catless-home.

I was hoping that the drop spindles I ordered from ebay would arrive in time to take to the event with me this weekend so that I could offer some impromptu spinning lessons, but I since they were only shipped yesterday, I don't think they're likely to make it.... At least I'll have them for TOC. Instead, I think I'll work on making some socks for myself with the naalbinding technique I learned for Miss Eithni's B-day socks!

As you can see, they seem to fit the birthday girl just fine! Yay!


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