I got the new seat on my bike last night with help from [livejournal.com profile] sirzig and I managed to ride all the way to work without dying! The seat still needs a bit of adjustment, because just as [livejournal.com profile] sirzig thought, it's tilted too far forward. This puts too much of my weight on my arms and about half way through the ride I had to stop and walk for a bit because my arms got tired. BUT, I did manage to get all the way to work, mostly on time, and I didn't ever hurt so bad that I felt like I needed to stop and take the bus instead.

I still need to get some kind of luggage rack for the bike, as I wasn't able to bring my other laptop to work with me today, and that makes me a bit antsy. Overall, though, I am satisfied with this morning's progress.

Last night I had my eye appointment and ordered some new super-light-weight glasses, and the optometrist agreed that I have a problem with dry eye. She gave me a scrip for Restasis drops, but it's very expensive and I'm not sure yet if my insurance with cover it. Before I fill the scrip, she also gave me some new silicone-free contacts to try. She says it's rare, but that some people have silicone allergies that make the brand of contacts I WAS using problematic. Thus, I am currently trying out a pair of plastic contacts and I have some anti-allergy drops to keep my eyes moist and cut down on any issues that may be happening because of local fauna. (I didn't have these problems in Pittsburgh with a different brand of contacts, so we're trying to eliminate allergies as the cause of the problem before I try the super-expensive-no-generic-available-drops.)

Tonight, [livejournal.com profile] eithni and I have plans to eat the food of my slant-eyed cousins, (thus avoiding the crowds who wish to celebrate this, most green of holidays), and then some tasty scotch at her place accompanied by stringy-goodness.

Happy St. Patric's Day, y'all!


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