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( Aug. 13th, 2008 10:29 am)
I gave [livejournal.com profile] eithni and [livejournal.com profile] ego_id_non_feci soaps last night. Hopefully they like them. This afternoon, I'm going to put cute paper labels on some other soaps and mail them out to Mom and the Sisters.

Pennsic was somewhat "blah" this year, but I did get a number of amusing anecdotes out of it. I'll relate a few of them here for those of you who haven't heard me tell them all 4 times all ready.

One of the most amusing mental pictures that I got all war was the one caused by Zartan's birthday surprise. This year, Zartan's birthday fell during Pennsic, and we decided that we were going to decorate his bachelor digs and make them suitable for inviting guests in to uh... well... "view the etchings." Everyone brought a few wall hangings, a small side table, or a lamp to contribute and then all we had to do was to get Zartan to leave site for long enough to transform his pavilion.

Dang that man is stubborn. We ended up having to be MEAN to him to get him off site. (He wanted to stay on site because it was his birthday and he was going to be slack all day. We told him he was going to grill us ribs for his birthday and that was that. He finally complied and left site feeling extremely put upon.)

Then it was magic time! We put his matress up on a bed frame and threw some nice quilts on it. We hung some "tapestries" on the walls and created a "dressing area" (to hide his mountain of garb, cooler, and any other glaringly non-period or less-than-tidy items in his tent) hung a chandelier and scattered lamps and candles around the tent in aesthetically pleasing a manner as possible.

It was all a delightful conspiracy which we ended up calling the "Pimp Zartan's Tent" project. The odd mental pictures came in when we were contemplating names for the project based on TV shows with similar goals. We experimented with "Queer Eye for the Fighter Guy" and "Trading Spaces, Vlad's Edition." In memory of Zartan's now destroyed Pimp Hat, we opted to call the project "Pimping Zartan's Tent" but that confused a couple of people who were familiar with the show "Pimp My Ride." I ended up with the strange mental picture of a bunch of Vlad's Minions hiding out in the shrubbery with a burlap bag and a belly dancing outfit, waiting for hapless young ladies to flounce by - whereupon we would jump out, kidnap them, cover them in bling, and present them to Zartan for his birthday.


So... Yeah... These mental pictures amuse ME at any rate, even if my inner feminist objects. Zartan cried when he saw his beautiful new tent-home. It was as good an ending as any episode of "Trading Spaces" that I've ever seen, and even cooler because it was something nice for someone we love!

"Pimp My Ride," indeed... *giggle-snort*


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