And no, the things I accomplished did not include a single load of laundry... I'll work on getting at least one done tonight as I frantically warp [ profile] devikat's tiny-est ever loom and try to whip out an "accessory" for the Griffin's Needle competition which starts this Friday.
Cut for lots of pictures. )
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( Apr. 3rd, 2008 09:07 am)
I probably shouldn't repeat some of the things I hear, but SOMEBODY told me that the graphic looks like a chicken that got flattened in a horrible road-crossing accident. I have assured this person that the "Thunder Chicken" will look better once it's all embroidered.... Hopefully it'll look more fierce, at least.
THUNDER CHICKEN! (I am so dead if I'm ever heard referring to the household badge as such in public....) )

I didn't get a lot of embroidery done last night because after work, Zig and I both got massages from [ profile] madisonmassage as our Christmas present from the lovely [ profile] naughtyaelf. And after we were pleasantly beaten into little puddles of slow-moving-happy-muscle-ooze, we were off to see Nick Klein's television premiere on the Ultimate Fighter. Yay, Nick! (Zig produced/edited his audition video which came out looking pretty sweet.) I'm sad that they didn't televise anything but the last 15 seconds of the fight, but Nick is a sweetheart, so I'm glad he got to be on the show and get the training that he did. He looked completely stoked. Everyone at the party was wearing either UFC shirts, or the fancy new Twisted Fitness t-shirts that Zig designed. Zig was completely wriggly with joy that his friend Nick got to be on national TV and that people chose HIS t-shirt design to wear as a show of support for Nick. And I was pleased that everyone else was pleased, though sad that Joe Lauzon lost his fight. (I apparently have some kind of perverted fetish for guys with ears that make them look like Curious George. Joe Lauzon and Forrest Griffin are just adorable. And funny. I approve. They aren't *quite* as cute as Maggie with her ears turned inside out, but it does explain why my favorite endearment for small children and doggies is usually "monkey face"...)
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( Dec. 7th, 2007 10:23 am)
I sometimes forget how much I miss having roommates that are handy at all hours of the day who are capable of pinning me into a dress and giving me encouragement with regard to my various and sundry fiber-related projects. This has been a whirlwind week of, "SEW! Sew like the WIND!" and thus I have spent a lot of time in the more social aspects of stitchery. I have enjoyed it immensely.

80% of the time, I love the solitary self-sufficience that weaving and spinning provide. There is a certain rhythm to these activities that I find comforting and, to a certain degree, fulfilling. (Much moreso than watching television or even reading a book would be on it's own. Likely because there is a finished product to enjoy when I am done!) Be that as it may, it is nice to know that I have girlfriends now, who have the time to help me with those activities that aren't as easily performed by a lone-needle-brandishing-maniac.

This is not to say that I didn't have girlfriends in Pittsburgh. It's just that they were all busy doing different things and getting the time to get together for coffee required an Act of God, so the likelihood that any of them would be available on a day's notice to help me with *pinning* was negligible. I'm not the type of person who will suffer fools gladly, so I am very glad for the friends that I *do* have in Pittsburgh. But in Pittsburgh my options for sewing help seemed to be:
  1. Male, and uninterested in sewing. (Possibly sufficiently interested in getting into my pants that I probably could have gotten one or two fittings out of them before they realized that all the helpiness wasn't really getting them any closer to laid... But... I'm too old for that game. Plus the work of these people is patently inferior, and all that chasing me around the sewing table eventually lands them in group 4.)
  2. Female and uninterested in sewing.
  3. Recent mother with no *time* for sewing.
  4. Mixed gender, interested in sewing, but with certain character flaws that are so annoying that Mother Theresa would have told them to bugger off.

I am also grateful to have made new friends here in Wisconsin who are *both* interested in getting together for a cup of tea and some of those *awkward* tailoring tasks, AS WELL AS being quite pleasant. I have been sewing with both [ profile] liz_bet and [ profile] eithni this week (I also meant to go to Needle Arts on Tuesday to see EVERYONE, only I remembered at the last minute that I had made an appointment with Katie MONTHS ago to get an hour massage and dinner... I trust you'll forgive me for skipping out for that reason...) and I have finished what is probably the best work I have done in a decade of sewing, had a lovely time chatting, *and* wrapped up a project in time to make my first A&S entry since I was 18-years-old.

It's been a good week. I hope we all get to Boar's Head safely, and have a WONDERFUL time.


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