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( Oct. 20th, 2008 10:28 am)
Great googley moogley! What a busy weekend!

On Friday I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] sirzig's Aunt and Uncle at his mother's retirement dinner at Porta Bella. Dinner was excellent, and the stories they told about his mighty-Mommy were touching and hilarious.

Saturday night, we (His Mother, Aunt, both Uncles, and he and I.) all went for breakfast at Lazy Jane's and then for ice cream at the Memorial Union. It ended up being too cold for ice cream, but we did enjoy the view of the lake. The had a crane out on the dock and were pulling all the boats out of the water for fall de-barnacling (or whatever one does to clean off the hull of a boat before winter).

Then, Saturday evening, I went over to the Kegslayer residence and Gunther helped me build a giant tapestry loom and 2 dying frames. I'm very excited about all this new equipment, but need to re-organize my studio *yet again* to accommodate all the new stuff.

Sunday, I had my MamaDog for the day. She's acting like a very old dog, and is gimpy. Her front, right leg seems to be bothering her a good bit, so I called Mr. Karl and asked him if there are any pain relievers I can give her until she can get in to see the vet. He has recommended the low-dose aspirin (80 mg) to keep her comfortable until the vet can prescribe something for her arthritis.

I finished spinning some dark grey and white skeins to add to my pile of weaving yarns. I mailed [livejournal.com profile] cyano the string she wanted for her seester's Christmas present this morning, as well as sending out the deposit check for the new windows for the living room.

Lots and lots of stuff going on! This evening I may run by JoAnn fabric for a couple of items and work on laying out the design for their highness' kimonos.
Last night, Eithni came over and we ate "ghetto sushi" and watched the Presidential Debate on television. For the record, I am NOT John McCain's FRIEND, and I'd appreciate it if he'd stop patronizing me in that way. I would also appreciate it if there was a buzzer that went off every time a candidate LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH during the debate.


On the up side, I laughed my way through the entire evening because Jasmine has decided that she LOVES [livejournal.com profile] eithni and spent the ENTIRE EVENING casting her deep, hot, longing gaze on Her Excellency and trying to skootch as close as possible to her without being noticed. (75 lb dogs are NOT as stealthy as they think they are if their goal is to sit in your LAP unnoticed...) Unrequited Dog Love is the most comical thing EVAR. Holy crap. We TRIED to get pictures of the Jasmine Crush, but she was self-conscious and turned her face from the camera every time. I have NEVER SEEN such an all consuming doggie crush in my life. (And no, it wasn't the gross, humpy kind of crush. This was more like watching a nun in ecstasy over the presence of the Pope or something....)

Every time Maggie came by for some "stranger loving" (because that's what dogs do when there are people who are not theirs in the house) Jasmine would try to place herself between [livejournal.com profile] eithni and the CuteBabyDog, but then shower the BabyDog with head-licking, as though to say, "You don't have to pet that other dog. I'll love her for both of us, and you can just concentrate on petting ME!" Jasmine is a staunch Republican and a firm believer in "trickle-down-Love-o-nomics." So decreed [livejournal.com profile] eithni. I nearly burst my spleen laughing.

I managed to spin one more skein of yarn, and cranked out a bit of hand sewing on a SEKRET PROJECT. Hopefully the project will be finished in time for delivery at crown. For those of you attending crown, keep your eyes peeled for my sewing! (Any pictures obtained will be rewarded with extensive SQUEE-age.)
So, [livejournal.com profile] eithni came by the house last night for a tasty-cheesy dinner at La Belle Italia and to help me warp my loom. I am pleased to report that the warping process was MUCH faster and completely error free when attempted with a "helpy friend."

I spun up a chocolate brown single to use as weft from my tasty-tasty wool order from R. H. Lindsay, and managed to weave this last night before I went to bed:

I'm very pleased at the evenness of my selvedges, but am a bit concerned by how stiff the fabric is. Hopefully it will be suitable for it's intended purpose.

On a side note, I'm fairly happy with the $8.50/lb sliver that I got from R. H. Lindsay. The price was super-cheap and the quality was medium-good. The wool itself is very soft and the staple length is great for spinning. The only place in which the wool loses points is on the amount of vegetation and odor that is still present in the roving. It's like... 1% stick by weight. Most of that falls out as I spin, and the odor should go away when I wash it... I've become accustomed to "sheepy smells" over the last 8 months, and kind of find the odor comforting, but I suspect the uninitiated might find the slight musk "offensive."

[livejournal.com profile] eithni Also got a chance to experience first hand, the "helpiness" of my two dingdong dogs. Jasmine was in absolute BLISS leaning on her, while Miss Maggie ran around the house like an idiot, nose whistling and fidgeting. I think her skin problem was making her itchy and anxious. She calmed down a little bit after I gave her some Benedryl. We are a bit concerned about Jasmine, as she has been growling at the BabyDog more than usual, and her appetite is down. She also appears to be somewhat constipated. We will keep an eye on her and maybe feed her a mild laxative. (Maybe I will make her some rice and ground beef for her dinner tonight.) If this doesn't clear up soon, it will be off to the vet with her.

Tonight, there will be more weaving (I was half tempted to ply my single to make the weaving go faster, but the inconsistency of the fabric would then drive me nuts. Plus, the fabric is already a little stiffer than I wanted and I think that using a plied weft might make the problem worse.) then fighter practice.
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( Jul. 1st, 2008 10:19 am)
Can anyone guess who this is? There will be (hopefully) a more finished picture tomorrow, along with a hint.

In dog-related news, Maggie is the most determined sort of dumb. We give the girls cow shins to gnaw on. They are tubes of bone about 2 inches long by two inches in diameter and we like them because they last much longer than the rawhide toys. Somehow, Maggie managed to get her bottom jaw wedged inside the cow shin. She went to Zig and it took him a moment or two of her drooling on him to realize she was wedged and needed assistance. (She looked confounded and hilarious all at once. Poor dog.) Only he couldn't get her out. So he sent her to me, because he was convinced that I could get her out without hurting her. (A certain amount of brute force was necessary, but being smaller than Friediness, it was apparently less likely that I would injure the dog.) Maggie stood patiently in front of me, letting me fiddle with her face until I managed to extract her from her toy. Then she followed me into the kitchen and wrung her little doggie hands while I smashed her bone in half with a heavy set of pliers so that she wouldn't get her face stuck again. She did not seem to be upset by the fact that her toy was in two pieces when I gave it back. Her main concern was that I wasn't going to give it back.

There are days when I'm really amazed by how oddly human Maggie is. Had Mama gotten her face stuck, she'd have been frantically pawing her face, but probably wouldn't have sought assistance from her "Mom and Dad". Silly Maggie.
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( Feb. 10th, 2008 11:31 pm)
Maggie is spoiled. I am both annoyed and bemused by how toddlerish she can be when she is sleepy and she wants something. Today, she wants to have a nap. Specifically, she wants to have it behind my knees.. Only I am sitting up and not lying down, and the blankets are not ON HER the way she wants them to be. So she is pacing and nudging me with her nose and WHINING to let me know that she is a tired puppy who is cranky and needs a nap.

Yes. She is cute, and I eventually caved and set my laptop aside so that I could make her a nook behind my knees on the couch. I even covered her with a blanket the way she demanded. And after her 1/2 hour ordeal to get what she wanted, Maggie is now out cold. At least I understand what she's saying when she whines... Cute little bugger.


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