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( Nov. 21st, 2008 03:21 pm)
Yay! Due in part to my fancy diet/exercise program, my weight is back down to 155. And that was before I got a call from the Dr.'s office. My TSH was at 10 with the normal range being .5 to 5, so they're increasing my dosage of Levothyroxin. (I'm happy that the weight gain wasn't my fault, but even more pleased that I didn't wait around for the doctor to do something about it. The competence of the doctor's office is currently in question as will be borne out by the rest of this entry.) I am NOT pleased by the fact that there was some screw-up at my endocrinologist's office wherein they forgot reducing my dosage to 75 mcg/day back in September, so their initial new dose was 125 mcg/day...

That would have made me BALD. THEY were the ones who said 100 mcg/day was TOO MUCH in the first place. 125 mcg would have been WAY TOO MUCH. I made the nurse go back and recalculate with ALL the data points. So now I'm to take 100 mcg/day 6 days/week with no pills on the 7th day. Hopefully that'll put me at a happy, non-itchy level of thyroid hormone. Hopefully it'll also help me take off some of the extra weight I've acquired over the past 2 years of this nonsense.

I shall endeavor to maintain my new exercise and eating regime and hope that better health ensues. I'm just glad that I'm NOT the hypochondriac they were acting like I was.


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