His Highness' Coronation garb is done by the deadline, despite the fact that the deadline was moved up by a week. I can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that if their coronation doesn't go according to plan, it won't be because of ME. *ulp!* I really hope they have an awesome day!

Now I have to clean up the huge mess I've been making in the living room for the last two months. I no longer have "more pressing responsibilities" to use as an excuse for not cleaning up after myself.
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( Dec. 10th, 2007 11:38 am)
Because I didn't have enough to do after Boar's Head, I have already taken on a load of new projects to replace the projects that I finished *just* in time for BH.

I have taken measurements for Evan's new fighting tunic, and I'm hoping to get that done by Thursday, when he will be going back to Canadistan. (If I'm very attentive, I may be able to get his tunic done enough that he can try it on at Fighter Practice on Wednesday, and keep it if it fits, or give it back for alteration if we find it is required.) I'm wondering if [livejournal.com profile] eithni has more of the heavy linen that she can sell me if it turns out that I don't have sufficient quantities in my stash for a long sleeved tunic.

Additionally, [livejournal.com profile] shavasue has talked me into taking on a commissioned garment which is to be completed by 12th Night. That one will be interesting, being as I've not taken on a commission before, and this one has a deadline in the relatively near future. I'll have to be quite firm with myself about not letting this project snowball out of control with regard to scope and elaborate-ness. I only have a month, after all...

(Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] shavasue and costumes, here is a picture of me getting my Cygnus. It's a back view of the dress, but from here you can see the fabulous train that I put on that sucker. Yay, train!)

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I have also started knitting a pair of socks with the wool that I reclaimed from my failed sweater. The socks appear to be coming along much more tidily than the sweater... I've completed the cuff and heal turn on one sock and have started the cuff on the second. Since I have sufficient needles to do so, I've decided to knit the socks simultaneously so as to *hopefully* end up with reasonably symmetrical socks. I found this pattern to be incredibly useful in explaining sock proportions and construction to my liking. The explanation of gussets is a little shaky, but I think I have the general gist...
Last night, [livejournal.com profile] liz_bet helped me sew the gores into my dress, trim the armholes, and re-set the sleeves. I put all the button-holes into the sleeves (9 per sleeve) while they were off the dress for the 5th time and stitched in the little inserts that will hold all the buttons. I have about 9 more buttons to put on, in order to finish the sleeves, and then the dress needs to be hemmed, but, for all intents and purposes, the dress is officially a garment at this point, rather than a collection of pieces with dress-like ambitions.

I completely redid my documentation to improve readability (whether this version is an improvement on the previous draft is debatable) and revised my construction justifications to account for the fact that my initial read of the FACTS got a couple of things reversed. (Z-spun WARP and S-spun WEFT, damnit!) The resulting documentation is still an intimidating 3 pages long. *sigh* Though now it reads more like a recipe for fabric than a conversational piece on historic fabric creation techniques.

Tonight I will go over to Eithni's place to get further help with my documentation, and maybe sew the last of the buttons on my dress and have someone pin up the hem. Or maybe I'll just take the fabric for Zig's new fighting pants with me and work on those... That's easy enough to do that I won't require any help.
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( Nov. 28th, 2007 08:53 am)

Went to [livejournal.com profile] eithni's house last night for Needle Arts and [livejournal.com profile] devikat's Birthday last night and had a pretty good time. We were *supposed* to bring tea to the party, but I am lazy, don't drink tea, and live a little too close to the local liquor store... So guess what *my* contribution to the party was?!

That's right. As a well practiced enabler and coffee drinker, I brought coffee with Irish Cream, and my birthday present to [livejournal.com profile] devikat was a bottle of Pama, pomegranite liqueur. (I'd never heard of it before [livejournal.com profile] devikat requested it, but the bottle sure was pretty. [livejournal.com profile] eithni let me taste some out of her stash, and I have to admit it was *quite* tasty. I'm not normally one to go after the fruity liqueurs, but things can change...)
Rambliness and pictures of the new dress behind the cut. )
I didn't get a LOT done on all the various and sundry projects that I'm currently working on... At the same time, I did work steadily on a number of them, and for all that I didn't accomplish quite as much as I wanted to, I'm still feeling pretty darn good this morning.

Last night, while Friediness was at the gym, I assembled the lining and the body of my black linen gothic fitted dress. I'm a little perturbed that it is a good deal looser than I expected, but at the same time, it still looks pretty tidy. I pinned everything and didn't let myself get sloppy, so even though it's loose, it still sits pretty nicely on my frame. Tonight I'll take enough linen with me to do the sleeves and go over to [livejournal.com profile] devikat's Birthday Tea/Needle Arts and have someone help me pin the sleeve on again.

The sleeve pattern that [livejournal.com profile] cassbunny helped me make fits quite well, but the seam is under the arm instead of running down the back through the line of the elbow. I cut the pattern down that line, but now staring at the pieces, I can't seem to fit them together the way I want... So I'll do this a second time with the seam in the back this time, and then I'll have a *choice* of sleeve patterns to use for later dresses.

Unfortunately, while making this newest dress, I made a horrifying discovery while taking my own measurements. My waist measurement is 2-3 inches larger that what I'd grown accustomed to over the last 10 years of dress making. This will not do. Thus, yesterday, I started making some long-needed adjustments to my eating habits. I did NOT eat the candy that was lying all over the office. I DID eat breakfast. I DID pack a lunch. I DID drink one glass of water before every meal. I did NOT gorge myself on starch at dinner time, and I did NOT have pie with ice cream at 11:00 at night. Thus far today, I've managed to have breakfast, and pack a lunch. Hopefully the good habits continue... For all that I was a bit rushed this morning, and I had a really hard time not eating pie last night ([livejournal.com profile] eithni and [livejournal.com profile] jtdiii sent me home with the loveliest apple-pear pie on Saturday. I had two pieces that night and nearly went into sugar shock. It was tastiest EVAR.), I have to admit that I feel physically very good today... Much better than I usually do in the morning. I keep forgetting how bad sugar is for my body; however tasty it may be for my tongue.

Now if I can just reduce my salt intake, I should be well on my way toward feeling healthier - if not skinnier. I wonder if these dietary changes will reduce the number of dizzy spells I've been having. I've had a couple days lately that where the dizziness got so bad that I couldn't really do anything but go to bed early... I have to much to do without setbacks like that.


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