Remember when you were little and your Mama told you not to cut your own hair because you'd end up looking stupid?

That advice remains sage even when you're older. Even if it's for a cool project. Even if you're Princess. None of these things makes you a hairdresser.

Boy do I look like an idiot. I hope my bangs grow back before ARRG.

Speaking of which, I hope you will all come and fence in my tourneys! Yes, that's TWO WHOLE TOURNEYS. Sile said I didn't have to choose which tourney format I liked more. She is letting me have BOTH. She is sweetest ever. Now I just need to get dispensation from the King and Queen to write up some pardons for a few people...

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i almost always cut my own hair. i have perfected it to a science. :D

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Yesterday I helped [ profile] timprov cut his hair.

I think his standards are lower than yours.

I will not come and fence in your tournies for obvious reasons, but I'm glad you have 'em anyway.

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There is a reason that I love my stylist.

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Tournies at ARRG? I should be there and willing to fight.

Are bangs period? I'm just curious.

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Are the pardons for past deeds, or deeds during the tournies? :P

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I get around this

By just never cutting my hair! ;p Probably not the best option....

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My cousin is my hairstylist ad where she works they call them "Hair Architects" We joke that it should be hair psychologists - with a hot line to call at night..."Put the scissors down! Step away from the scissors! Remember how long it took to grow out last time you cut your own hair?"
(which is why I like perms, if I cut my bangs a little too short, they are curly and hide some mistakes)

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Are you coming out to play with us next weekend at ARRG?


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