It was a busy weekend...

Friday I made another batch of Friendship Bread and hung out over at the Kegslayer residence with Angus and Zartanicus - who has a fancy new job across the street from [ profile] sirzig and will be moving back to Madison! YAY!

I spent Saturday afternoon at [ profile] eithni's house for "craft day." We made some good progress on warping her tasty-tasty new loom with her first project.

On Sunday, Angus and I celebrated Easter with the construction of 30 Scotch Eggs. While less decorative than pastel dyed boiled eggs, I find that eggs wrapped in cholesterol and carbs are very tasty. And now I know how to make them on my own for "event snacks!" YAY! We spent the rest of the afternoon shooting up Zombies and catching up on quilt blocks.

I did a couple more of the "do-over" quilt blocks, bringing me to a finished number of 7 of 30.

Almost a third of the way done!

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I like the quilt blocks! I'll be interested to see how the two different designs fit together in the end. When I lived in North Dakota I got into quilting and have made 8 or 10 miniature quilts. I haven't made any since I lived in Marshfield as they don't tend to fit into SCA crafting for me, but maybe someday...

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Wow- Zartan is coming back to town? Cool. When did THAT come down the pike? What happened to his old one? Did he just miss us that badly? and where is this new job "across the street from zig?"

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OMG! Give Zartanicus a HUG from me! :)


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