Coronation was a grand and successful event all around, I'm thinking! I got all of Stephen's garb done by [ profile] eithni's prescribed deadline of more than 4 hours before the event and I think it was a fairly acceptable blend of period and not crazy-making. (Though I might have stated differently while I was making 39 button holes by hand...)

Morning court was entertaining and touching and dynamic. I'm not normally able to sit still during court, but found I was enthralled by the pagentry. I had fun stealing up behind the thrones as Aesa and Raito left the hall to adjust the Queen's Crown so that it would go on Ailleanne's head. (We were hoping we could adjust in advance, but sadly, with the crown at the right size for Ailleanne, it was a necklace for [ profile] goldfrog.) I think the knights really had a good time with all that live-steel-waving during the taking of the throne.

My class seemed to go over well, and though it wasn't maxed out it was well enough attended that I was very glad that Mochi had time to stop by and be my Assistant Instructor. I think everyone left feeling fairly confident that they could use their kit to make good string with a little more practice! (On a side note, I notice that I hold my spindle in my right hand when I'm spinning, but for some reason I do it with my left hand when I'm trying to demonstrate to an individual. I think it's because they're facing me and my brain is trying to show them how they should see their tools as they use them. This confused the hell out of me the first time it happened because I didn't realize I had switched hands. I was just suddenly extremely lacking in coordination and my spin direction was backwards. :P If I'm going to continue trying to be ambidextrous, I obviously need to practice more with the left hand.)

The WW planning session wasn't as dreadful as I thought it was going to be. I wasn't lost and didn't come off sounding like an incompetant retard, so that's good. I'll send out the call for instructors to the NS Hall tomorrow and see what happens.

Evening court was wonderful, though I was sad that not everyone was there to recieve their award. [ profile] sirzig did a pretty good job heralding, though he did refer to Grimmy as "Baroness." He swears it was an accident, but HRM Stephen doomed him to a world of disbelief by catching the binder he tossed down in disgust mid-air with such adroit speed and dexterity that most people assumed that the flub was rehearshed. (I'm told that HRM nearly blew a seam in his cote with that manoever.)

For those of you who were not there, they announced the 15 combatants and their consorts for Crown Tourney in 5 weeks. (I am rooting for Astrid and Lief because it will be her 50th birthday and that would be a hell-of-a-birthday-present and Roisin and Michael St. Christian because I want to know if the Princess's Sleeve will continue to be hers, or if with a Male Consort, it will become the Prince's Sleeve. I am also rooting for Siegfried, because I ALWAYS root for Siegfried, but I can honestly tell you that his Consort is a little nervous.) For those of you who WERE in court, I can't tell you how much your acceptance and welcome has meant to me and how much y'all have made me love this Kingdom. Also... YOU NEARLY SENT ME INTO CARDIAC ARREST. I know you meant for all that hootin' and hollerin' to be supportive and encouraging, but I was expecting the respectful quiet that was maintained during the rest of the reading. That was like 70 people sneaking up behind me and yelling, "BOO!" all at once. Once I won the argument with my Fight or Flight Reflex, having realized that you were CHEERING and not yelling that the Zombie Apocalypse Was Upon Us, I kinda misted up a little. You really know how to make a girl feel loved.

You know what? I love you guys too. I've never felt as happy and at home any place as I do here in Northshield. Thank you.
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