Bless them and their tasty cake-disguised-as-bread. I used the cute little bundt and heart shaped silicone baking pans that Eithni got me to make my first batch of Amish Friendship bread. I ended up with 9 little "loaves." I took 2 to Zig's Mommy (she is expecting company.) and 3 to the office, Zig and I ate one last night, and I left 3 heart-shaped loaves at home for us to enjoy over the course of the week.

I made the version that resulted in 1 extra starter, which I gave away at work... I have 3-4 requests for more starter, so I guess I'll make a big batch this time around. :P

Next batch, I think I'll put some raisins and walnuts in... It'll make a really tasty breakfast, provided all the raisins don't end up sinking to the bottom...

I've started a quilt for my sister's baby. I'm still undecided as to whether I want to hand-piece this thing, or machine stitch it. Hand-piecing will work better as a bus project. I'm hoping to get this thing done as sort of a "thing a day" for the month of April. We'll see how it goes.
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