His Highness' Coronation garb is done by the deadline, despite the fact that the deadline was moved up by a week. I can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that if their coronation doesn't go according to plan, it won't be because of ME. *ulp!* I really hope they have an awesome day!

Now I have to clean up the huge mess I've been making in the living room for the last two months. I no longer have "more pressing responsibilities" to use as an excuse for not cleaning up after myself.

From: [identity profile] alienorh.livejournal.com

Very cool. I can't wait to see it next weekend.

From: [identity profile] without-within.livejournal.com

Very nice work. I wish I had the patience for that sort of thing :).

From: [identity profile] mightyjesse.livejournal.com

I never did until I realized that those types of projects were the perfect "excuse" for watching an entire season of NCIS in one day, stopping only for food and trips to the restroom.

From: [identity profile] devikat.livejournal.com

Oh good! I just realized that we hadn't talked further about me coming over to help on Sunday, and I panicked for a second, thinking that I was supposed to call you when I got out of work...

But it looks great!!!


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