So remember that last failed batch of soap? It was all crumbly and wouldn't stay in bar-form to save anyone's life...

I used a technique called milling to save it and turn it into WIN! I ground up all the soap in my food processor, along with some scraps of similar smelling soap from other batches. I dumped the resultant crumbs into my crock pot on LOW for 2 hours with a couple ounces of water to re-melt. About 2 hours later, I hit them with my stick blender to homogenize once everything was pleasantly melty, and then re-molded them. The results are MUCH better.

Since the soap has already aged enough, I don't technically have to wait very long before using the soap. I just have to unmold-them tonight and let the soap harden a bit as all the water I added evaporates. Soon those of you who spoke up about fishy soaps will be receiving prizes via US Post! (Assuming I have your address.)


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