So. Last night I bought myself a fancy red bicycle. It says Ironhorse on the side, and that pleases me as much as the color, for some reason.

This morning I was all gung-ho about working out and decided to bike to work, despite the fact that it is REALLY COLD outside. No problem! I have a goose-down jacket and gloves, and I wore a hoodie under my bike helmet to keep my ears from freezing off.


I made it half way to work before I had to give up and put my bike on the bus rack and accept motorized transportation the rest of the way.

My jacket made me WAY TOO HOT. The weight of my backpack makes breathing extremely difficult, and I apparently didn't grow out of that exercise induced asthma I remember having back when I was a kid. (The intarwebs tell me that the condition is exacerbated by cold temperatures, so I should be fine if I wait until a more reasonable climate presents itself.) AND, my BUTT IS KILLING ME. Apparently, the seat on the bicycle is too narrow and the backpack is pushing me down on it too hard. (Having done some reading about my specific pain, I also need to adjust it to make it a bit taller, but that only took 2 seconds to take care of.)

So. I have a minor shopping list for this weekend at the bike show. I need a luggage rack for my bike, and possibly also a wider seat. If I'm feeling particularly spendy and geektastic, I may also get a light (the generator kind that doesn't require a battery and is powered by peddling) and a trip computer... But those two items may wait until I deserve a reward for using my new bike consistently.


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