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( Feb. 10th, 2009 09:00 am)
So my things for yesterday weren't really all that exciting. I carded all the turmeric dyed wool to even up the color and remove some of the excess dye dust. The color is now even, but the wool is still shedding turmeric as I spin... And my fingers are yellow. Hopefully more of the excess will come out when I rinse and size the wool once I'm finished spinning.

My other thing was to finally sit down with Zig and hash out an initial draft of the guest list for our wedding. Wedding planning is truly a test of one's relationship. By the end of a two hour period of going through our facebook.com lists, myspace.com pages, Pennsic pre-reg lists, and personal address books, we were both pretty snippy. The beer and irish coffee helped a bit, but there was still a certain degree of dissent about the annoying people we "have to invite" to avoid social SNAFUs later and the best way of going about inviting the people that we don't even seem to have proper email addresses for...

If everybody on our list accepts, we will have well over 250 people at this point, and this is only the first draft. I KNOW I'm forgetting people... CRITICAL people... I'll have another look at it this evening when I feel less stabby.


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