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( Jan. 9th, 2009 09:49 am)
It's very strange... I've been very depressed and on edge lately for NO REASON. I mean, I'm always iffy about crowds, but people trying to congratulate me on my engagement at the stock pavilion, though unexpected (wasn't that like... a million years ago that we announced that?!) shouldn't have brought me that closed to an anxiety attack. Seriously I've never felt anything like it. I almost burst into tears and hid in the bathroom.

Depression I can handle. Weird anxiety attacks like that are a new beast.

I haven't the faintest notion what could be causing this mood slump. I have nothing but happy things to report... And yet I'm very, very tired and cranky as hell. I don't want to play with string, and even WoW seems too complicated to be worthwhile...

And OF COURSE this didn't start until the day after I had my doctor's appointment. What the hell? This smacks of hormonal imbalance, but which hormones and why? Nothing's really changed lately but my fiber intake... And god knows that shouldn't affect my mood this way... If Metamucil caused anxiety attacks, the old folks home would be WAY more entertaining to visit...

** The first person to suggest that I may be pregnant is getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick. Seriously. Leave off already.


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